use md5sum-string instead of md5sum-sequence to adjust to upstream changes
[clsql.git] / ChangeLog
2013-01-09 Russ Tyndallchanged view-classes-and-storable-slots to a defmethod
2012-12-19 Kevin M. RosenbergVersion 6.4 release debian-6.4.0-1 v6.4.0
2012-12-05 Russ TyndallImproved documentation of normalized classes and change...
2012-12-05 Russ Tyndall(SEMANTIC CHANGE) update-objects-joins now simpler...
2012-12-04 Russ Tyndalladded dates/times to the parameter value coersion and...
2012-09-04 Kevin M. RosenbergRelease 6.3
2012-09-04 Russ TyndallTry to respect the casing of symbols where it seems...
2012-08-28 Ryan Davisallow pathnames as well as strings in sqlite3 connectio...
2012-08-17 Russ TyndallChange log entry for shadowing postgresql-notification
2012-07-09 Russ Tyndallfixed a bug where the order by was being destructively...
2012-06-25 Russ Tyndalldequote database-identifiers and autoincrement-sequence
2012-06-22 Russ TyndallChanged compute-effective-slot-definition to correctly...
2012-04-26 Kevin M. RosenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-04-26 Kevin M. RosenbergVersion 6.2 release
2012-04-25 Russ Tyndalladded (*in-subselect* t) bindings around rendering...
2012-04-25 Nathan BirdAdding some (incomplete) information about the current...
2012-04-24 Nathan BirdMysql > CREATE TABLE: use 'engine' keyword instead...
2012-04-24 Nathan BirdRevert "If running on a threaded lisp try loading libmy...
2012-03-28 Russ TyndallBug in sequence names was reported by Jan Tolenaar.
2012-03-27 Ryan Davismerging changelog
2012-03-27 Ryan Davisupdated changelog
2012-03-26 Russ Tyndalladded change log entry for the last two patches
2012-03-23 Ryan Davisfix typos in the ChangeLog
2012-02-22 Nathan BirdIf running on a threaded lisp try loading libmysqlclient_r
2012-01-05 Nathan BirdHandle sql decimal type identically to sql numeric...
2012-01-04 Russ TyndallFixed bug reported by JTK related to the not-null sql...
2012-01-04 Nathan BirdFixup ODBC :connection-string codepath.
2011-12-21 Kevin M. RosenbergFix typo in recent 6.1.0
2011-12-19 Kevin M. RosenbergOracle foreign encoding fix debian-6.1.0-1 v6.1.0
2011-11-28 Russ TyndallIn ODBC backend, avoid going through the common lisp...
2011-11-28 Russ TyndallMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-18 Russ Tyndalladded nvarchar to the possible sql-to-c-types for ODBC...
2011-09-12 Russ Tyndalladded changelog entry describing previous bug fix
2011-08-03 Kevin M. RosenbergCLSQL 6.0.0 release
2011-07-28 Russ Tyndalladded changelog entry for the merged patch stack
2011-07-27 Russ TyndallMerge branch 'accel-2'
2011-07-16 Kevin M. RosenbergVersion 5.4.0 release debian-5.4.0-1 v5.4.0
2011-06-27 Russ TyndallTOP X mssql limit clause must appear after DISTINCT...
2011-06-27 Russ TyndallODBC Memory management improvements
2011-06-20 Nathan BirdAdding ChangeLog entry for changes in development since...
2011-06-20 Nathan BirdAdding versions to the Changelog
2011-06-20 Nathan BirdChangelog entry for 400240537204e1e14212b64d746ef609d01...
2011-06-12 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd unicode for CCL for pgsql-socket v5.3.3
2011-04-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd defgeneric for database-last-auto-increment-id
2011-04-01 Kevin M. RosenbergFix reader conditional v5.3.2
2011-04-01 Kevin M. RosenbergRecognize v6 of MySQL client library
2011-03-31 Kevin M. RosenbergFix previous patch for SBCL so that patch works on... debian-5.3.1-1 v5.3.1
2011-03-30 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate debian/changelog debian-5.3.0-1 v5.3.0
2011-03-30 Kevin M. RosenbergVersion 5.3.0
2011-03-30 Kevin M. RosenbergFix for newer SBCL version
2010-11-07 Kevin RosenbergNew release 5.2.0 debian-5.2.0-1 v5.2.0
2010-09-21 Kevin M. RosenbergPass encoding argument to pooled connections
2010-08-16 Kevin RosenbergCommit patch for ODBC unicode improvements debian-5.1.3-1 v5.1.3
2010-08-16 Kevin RosenbergCommit patch for invocation uffi:convert-from-foreign... v5.1.2
2010-05-15 Kevin RosenbergModify operation-done-p for new ASDF debian-5.1.1-1 v5.1.1
2010-04-20 Kevin RosenbergDepend on UFFI version 2.x v5.1.0
2010-04-16 Kevin RosenbergPatches from Walter C. Pelissero on clsql mail list
2010-03-21 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.5 release
2010-03-21 Kevin RosenbergFix DO-QUERY to actually return the last value of body
2010-03-02 Nathan BirdMerge branch 'master' into development
2010-03-02 Nathan BirdMerge branch 'connection-pool-fix'
2010-03-02 Nathan BirdUpdating ChangeLog
2010-03-02 Kevin RosenbergRemove spurious enumeration
2010-03-02 Kevin RosenbergRemove spurious enumeration
2010-02-17 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.4
2010-02-16 Kevin RosenbergMySQL options parameter fix and documentation
2010-02-15 Kevin RosenbergAdded support for MySQL options
2010-02-11 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.3: Full foreign string internationalization... debian-5.0.3-1 v5.0.3
2010-02-11 Kevin RosenbergFurther internationalization.
2010-02-11 Nathan BirdChangelog update: mssql 'date support.
2010-02-11 Nathan BirdMerge branch 'development'
2010-02-11 Kevin RosenbergSupport Snow Leopard by generating universal (x86_64...
2010-02-08 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.2: Add missing slot accessor, make defgener... debian-5.0.2-1 v5.0.2
2010-02-08 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.1: Add encoding slot to database object debian-5.0.1-1 v5.0.1
2010-02-07 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.0: International character sets support
2010-02-07 Kevin RosenbergSupport UFFI's new internationalized string capabilities.
2010-02-06 Kevin RosenbergEnsure reasonable lisp type for slot in compute-lisp...
2010-02-06 Kevin RosenbergTurn off benign console messages when testing on Postgres
2010-02-05 Kevin RosenbergLoad and use test-i18n.lisp when uffi:no-i18n is not...
2010-02-05 Kevin RosenbergConditionalize read of #\no-break_space for non-unicode...
2010-02-03 Kevin RosenbergAdd *test-report-width* variable. Word-wrap skipped...
2010-01-29 Kevin Rosenbergmerge from master
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergVersion 4.3.3 release debian-4.3.3-1 v4.3.3
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergNew file clsql-cffi.asd
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergNew file clsql-cffi.asd
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergChangeLog line-length formatting
2010-01-29 Nathan BirdUpdating the changelog with some of what's changed.
2010-01-29 Nathan BirdMerge commit 'master' into development
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergFix for UPDATE-RECORD-FROM-SLOTS for normalized view...
2010-01-29 Kevin Rosenbergpublish new release debian-4.3.2-1 v4.3.2
2010-01-29 Kevin RosenbergChange from British normalised spelling
2010-01-28 Kevin RosenbergSupport for 64-bit Fedora 11/12
2010-01-28 Kevin RosenbergEnsure that Lispworks 6 lock is sharing-mode. debian-4.3.1-1 v4.3.1
2010-01-20 Kevin RosenbergMerge branch 'dataset-refactoring' of git://github... debian-4.3.0-1 v4.3.0
2010-01-20 Kevin Rosenbergnew version
2010-01-07 Kevin Rosenbergcompiles on lispworks 6
2009-12-11 Kevin RosenbergVersion 4.2.0 release, new manuals built debian-4.2.0-1 v4.2.0
2009-12-10 Kevin RosenbergAdd normalized view classes
2009-12-10 Kevin RosenbergFix to SYNTAX-PARSE-ISO-8601 to parse fractions of...
2009-12-10 Kevin RosenbergFix for time.lisp's roll function