r10077: * multiple: Apply patch from Joerg Hoehle with multiple
[clsql.git] / clsql-mysql.asd
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10077: * multiple: Apply patch from Joerg...
2004-05-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9523: * clsql-mysql.asd, clsql-uffi.asd: Remov...
2004-05-23 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9446: * db-mysql/mysql-objects.lisp: New file
2004-05-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9336: 12 May 2004 Kevin Rosenberg (kevin@rosenberg...
2004-04-21 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9117: Automated commit for Debian build of clsql upstr...
2004-04-21 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9116: Automated commit for Debian build of clsql upstr...
2004-04-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9094: freebsd changes
2004-04-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8998: conditionalize shell command for windows
2004-04-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8850: remove usql files
2004-04-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8830: improve system loading
2004-03-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8805: add automatic mysql client detection
2003-11-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8270: fix loading on non-linux platforms
2003-11-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8176: changes for macosx, documentation fixes
2003-11-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8154: more fixes
2003-11-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8153: initial changes to make installable with asdf...
2003-09-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7061: initial property settings
2003-05-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr4863: Auto commit for Debian build
2002-10-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr3059: *** empty log message ***
2002-10-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr3002: sbcl additions
2002-09-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2914: rename .cl files
2002-09-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2842: *** empty log message ***
2002-09-20 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2787: *** empty log message ***
2002-09-20 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2780: *** empty log message ***
2002-09-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2755: move files
2002-09-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2741: Start migration to pathname-less asd files,...
2002-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2572: Auto commit for Debian build
2002-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2569: Auto commit for Debian build
2002-09-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2474: update asd files
2002-08-23 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2388: *** empty log message ***
2002-08-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr2298: *** empty log message ***