2004-11-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10151: updates
2004-10-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10082:
2004-10-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10081: add utime-to-posix-time
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10072: new macros
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10071: fix keyword name
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10070: fix keyword name
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10069: fix keyword name
2004-10-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10067: add keyword
2004-09-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10060: have probe directory return path when T
2004-09-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10042: add umask to upload scripts
2004-09-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10035:
2004-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9992: new function
2004-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9972: new pkg
2004-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9971: fix package name
2004-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9970: fix package name
2004-09-04 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9960: update for openmcl
2004-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9949: delete-directory-and-files update
2004-08-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9935: fix update-alist
2004-08-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9892: new functions
2004-07-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9728: updates
2004-06-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9709: update policy
2004-06-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9707: fix declaration
2004-06-24 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9687: new routines
2004-06-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9652: improve make-url, rename tests
2004-06-12 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9595: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-06-12 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9592: ready for boa
2004-06-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9539: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-05-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9468: add sockets for openmcl
2004-05-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9341: fix case reading
2004-04-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9173: add defconst
2004-04-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9086: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-04-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9079: fix paren
2004-04-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9078: add ppmx
2004-04-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr9058: disable attrib-class
2004-04-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8945: fix typos
2004-04-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8932: new version
2004-04-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8931: command-output fixes
2004-04-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8844: laptop updates
2004-03-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8786: updates
2004-02-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8632: updates
2004-02-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8614: add string-elide, new tests
2004-02-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8597: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-02-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8595: changes for lml2 rework
2004-02-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8588: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-02-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8587: add uri query function
2004-02-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8583: add naagum's epsilon function
2004-01-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8580: add tests/improvements to ensure-keyword-*
2004-01-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8578: add ensure-keyword-{up,default-}case
2004-01-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8573: set file properties
2004-01-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8538: changes
2004-01-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8506: dst still incomplete
2004-01-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8505: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2004-01-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8490: add dst info
2004-01-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8447: add string->list
2003-12-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8420: document update-alist
2003-12-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8419: fix clisp typo
2003-12-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8358: rename functions
2003-12-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8305: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2003-12-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8299: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2003-12-01 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8293: change argument order
2003-11-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8241: rework doctype generator
2003-11-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8230: update from laptop
2003-11-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8226: update to new dtd writing functions
2003-11-13 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8183: docbook functions
2003-10-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8075: add def-cached-instance
2003-10-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8073: add def-cached-vector
2003-10-26 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8058: add integer functions
2003-10-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8057: add tests for color conversion, hsv-equal
2003-10-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8056: add color functions
2003-10-25 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8055: now works with lispworks 4.3
2003-10-20 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8013: add fixnum-width
2003-10-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8005: Automated commit for kmrcl debian-version-1...
2003-10-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8003: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2003-09-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7933: Automated commit for Debian build of kmrcl upstr...
2003-09-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7861: add histogram function
2003-09-12 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7834: remove getopt from package
2003-09-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7825: ignore unused parameter
2003-09-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7819: more getopt improvements, tests
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7818: add argument processing using #\=, big refactori...
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7817: first working version, add getopt to test suite
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7816: initial import, not yet finished
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7814: add implementation-dependent file, new impl...
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7796: export new functions in io.lisp and strings...
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7795: add directory-tree and probe-directory functions
2003-09-10 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7794: add whitespace trim functions
2003-09-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7061: initial property settings
2003-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr6298: convert .cvsignore to svn:ignore properties
2003-08-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5584: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-27 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5565: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-12 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5491: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5478: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5461: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5460: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5459: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5443: Auto commit for Debian build
2003-08-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5442: *** empty log message ***
2003-08-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5441: Auto commit for Debian build
2003-07-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5420: *** empty log message ***
2003-07-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5419: *** empty log message ***
2003-07-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr5417: *** empty log message ***