descriptionCommon Lisp library for providing input/output pipes
ownerKevin Rosenberg
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2015-08-29 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate domain name to master
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergConvert to dh-lisp; add Vcs-Browser debian-1.2.1-5
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergUpdates for new debian standards debian-1.2.1-4
2007-09-10 Kevin Rosenbergeliminate lintian warnings debian-1.2.1-3
2007-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2005-09-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10735:
2005-09-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10724: change from ftp to http access for boa
2004-09-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10042: add umask to upload scripts
2004-02-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8629: new policy
2004-02-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8627: add upload script
2003-09-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr7061: initial property settings
2003-09-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr6298: convert .cvsignore to svn:ignore properties
2003-05-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr4852: Auto commit for Debian build
2003-03-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr4200: *** empty log message ***
2002-12-02 Kevin M. Rosenbergr3536: *** empty log message ***
2002-11-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr3357: remove load-compile-op from .asd file
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