2007-09-10 Kevin Rosenbergfix lintian warning v0.1.3
2007-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2006-05-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10944: update standards version
2006-05-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10943: fix package description spelling mistake
2004-09-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr10042: add umask to upload scripts
2004-01-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8526: fix bug in C circuit
2004-01-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8525: fix bug in L circuit
2004-01-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8515: Automated commit for Debian build of rlc upstrea...
2004-01-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8514: initial upload
2004-01-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr8511: initial import