2021-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergChange default SQL server host master
2021-02-17 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate for 2020AB
2021-02-16 Kevin M. RosenbergFix LEX directory name
2021-02-16 Kevin M. RosenbergFix compilation
2021-02-16 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd support for MYSQL 8 with sqlname indirection to...
2017-06-18 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate for release 2017AA
2017-06-17 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate for UMLS 2017AA
2015-08-29 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate domain name to
2015-03-14 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate to UMLS 2014AB. Main change is removal of MRCOC.
2013-04-10 Kevin M. RosenbergImprove special table generation
2013-04-10 Kevin M. RosenbergFind distinct udef
2013-04-09 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdates for compatibility with new umweb
2013-04-05 Kevin M. RosenbergSupport new syntax of MySQL
2013-04-05 Kevin M. RosenbergHandle empty RRF files, add MTS2012AB
2013-04-05 Kevin M. RosenbergHandle empty RRF files, add MTS2012AB
2012-09-20 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd UMLS 2012AA
2011-07-09 Kevin M. RosenbergFix slot name
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd debian source format
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate for new version of umls
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate to new version of umls
2011-04-03 Kevin M. RosenbergFix typo in package description debian-2007ac.2-6
2010-09-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate for 2010AA release
2010-09-19 Kevin M. RosenbergRemove duplicate index entry
2010-06-06 Kevin RosenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-06-06 Kevin RosenbergOptimized list generation with nconc vs. append
2010-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd back u#so class
2010-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergRemove obsolute uso class, simply loop exit
2010-03-12 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd mysql utf8 collation, new lookup functions
2010-03-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergupdate SRLUS for 20009AB SNOMED change
2010-03-06 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd missing ts field
2010-03-02 Kevin M. RosenbergFix creation of KCUILUI field
2010-02-28 Kevin M. RosenbergFix LIKE SQL syntax
2010-02-23 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd udoc symbols for export
2010-02-16 Kevin RosenbergChange name of setter functions
2010-02-16 Kevin RosenbergOptimize index creation when multiple indices on same...
2010-02-15 MedTermServerChanges needed for 2009AB version of UMLS
2009-08-04 Kevin RosenbergFix pattern match in watch file debian-2007ac.2-5
2009-08-04 Kevin RosenbergConvert to dh-lisp; add Vcs-Browser debian-2007ac.2-4
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergchange to new lisp section debian-2007ac.2-3
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergUpdates for new debian standards debian-2007ac.2-2
2008-02-13 Kevin Rosenbergadd epoch to version v2007ac.2
2008-02-13 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 2006ac.2 v2006ac.2
2008-02-13 Kevin Rosenbergremove files from umlisp-orf package
2008-02-13 Kevin Rosenbergfix for mysql 5
2007-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2007-05-11 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11704: can not use keywords in :subobject functions
2007-04-14 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11624: improve find-uconso-code
2007-04-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11613:
2007-04-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11612: rework find-*-sab functions to reuse main find...
2007-03-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11600: fix find-uconso-multiword
2007-03-29 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11599: add support for find-uconso-multiword
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11486: create file if not exists
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11485: more use of vff
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11484: microoptimize srl-to-srlus
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11483: add :force option to MRXW_NONENG
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11482: reduce warnings
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11481: make vff macro more efficient
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11480: make field position lookup more efficient by...
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11479: declare type
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11478: generate custom columns by dynamically finding...
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11477: nicer verbose tracing output
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11476: add force translation option
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11475: add support for SRLUS and LRLUS (USA-based...
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11474: improve verbose status msgs
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11473: improve verbose status msgs
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11472: add new export
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11471: update to latest release
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11470: improve 64-bit sbcl performance
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11469: update test suite
2007-01-07 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11463: add verbose option
2007-01-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11462: add verbose option for index creation
2007-01-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11459: add verbose option
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11448: counter is not used on all platforms
2007-01-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11441: remove old cxt classes/functions. Use new ...
2007-01-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11439: remove MRLO as this has been deleted from the...
2007-01-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11438: remove MRLO as this has been deleted from the...
2007-01-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11437: update default db
2006-12-30 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11412: warn on empty files -- occurs when subsetting...
2006-12-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11411: update comment
2006-12-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11410: abstract interfaces for medtermserver
2006-12-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11409: fix error message
2006-12-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11408: handle sbcl's not allowing a #\. in pathname...
2006-12-27 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11406: return t on success
2006-12-21 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11381: export fmt-aui
2006-12-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11336: fix sql
2006-12-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11334: fix syntax
2006-12-09 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11333: add uconso object; query MRXW filtering by SAB
2006-10-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11209: fix test
2006-09-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11185: fill slots on demand
2006-09-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11174: fix move of cdist-metric
2006-09-18 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11173: move cdist-metric to umlsquery package
2006-09-17 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11168: add cdist-metric
2006-09-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11167: added cdist fn
2006-09-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11164: fix case in tests
2006-09-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11163: fix paren
2006-09-16 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11162: support for map/smap and ucon ancestors
2006-09-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11159: remove mrhier ptr index
2006-09-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11157: add sbcl gc
2006-09-15 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11156: fix trans extension for sbcl, fix index for...