descriptionCommon Lisp library providing Smart, linked objects using metaobject protocol
ownerKevin M. Rosenberg
last changeTue, 9 Apr 2013 20:26:33 +0000 (14:26 -0600)
2013-04-09 Kevin M. RosenbergFix cdata package master
2013-04-09 Kevin M. RosenbergFix xml printing
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergFix lintian warnings debian-2.12.0-1 v2.12.0
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate documentation building
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd missing call when finalizing class
2011-07-08 Kevin M. RosenbergGuard against non-string data
2010-02-23 Kevin M. RosenbergRelax generic function typing
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergConvert to dh-lisp; add Vcs-Browser debian-2.11.0-3
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergUpdates for new debian standards debian-2.11.0-2
2007-08-31 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11859: Canonicalize whitespace
2007-01-08 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11480: make field position lookup more efficient by...
2007-01-06 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11461: Automated commit for Debian build of hyperobjec...
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11456: remove empty line
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11451: add test
2007-01-04 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11447: major reworking of mop internals to support...
2007-01-03 Kevin M. Rosenbergr11442: add compute-cached-value slot option
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6 years ago v2.12.0 Tag for upstream version 2.12.0
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