descriptionCommon library for KMR lisp projects
ownerKevin Rosenberg
last changeMon, 28 Sep 2020 21:29:51 +0000 (21:29 +0000)
2020-09-28 Kevin M. Rosenbergdebian update master
2020-09-28 Kevin M. RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 1.111
2020-09-28 Kevin M. RosenbergAutomated commit for debian release 1.110-2
2020-09-05 Kevin M. Rosenbergupdate debian install for no kmrcl-tests.asd file
2020-08-25 Kevin M. RosenbergUse newer ASDF test-op functionality
2020-07-20 Kevin M. Rosenbergremove white space
2020-07-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergdebian compat
2020-07-19 Kevin M. RosenbergRemove kmr-mop package before defining in event of...
2020-07-19 Kevin M. Rosenbergdebian/rules: dh_clean any .bin/ directory when cleaning
2020-07-18 Kevin M. RosenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-07-18 Kevin M. RosenbergIf reloading mop.lisp, delete-package kmr-mop prior...
2020-07-17 Kevin M. RosenbergNew debian version
2020-07-17 Kevin M. RosenbergFor SBCL, first check sb-mop for symbols to import...
2015-08-30 Kevin M. RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 1.109
2015-08-30 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate SBCL function names
2015-08-29 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate domain name to
12 years ago debian-1.105-1 Tag for debian release 1.105-1
12 years ago v1.105 Tag for upstream version 1.105
12 years ago debian-1.104-1 Tag for debian release 1.104-1
12 years ago v1.104 Tag for upstream version 1.104
13 years ago debian-1.103-1 Tag for debian release 1.103-1
13 years ago v1.103 Tag for upstream version 1.103
14 years ago debian-1.102-1 Tag for debian release 1.102-1
14 years ago v1.102 Tag for upstream version 1.102
14 years ago debian-1.101-1 Tag for debian release 1.101-1
14 years ago v1.101 Tag for upstream version 1.101
14 years ago debian-1.100-1 Tag for debian release 1.100-1
14 years ago v1.100 Tag for upstream version 1.100
14 years ago debian-1.99-4 Tag for debian release 1.99-4
14 years ago debian-1.99-3 Tag for debian release 1.99-3
14 years ago debian-1.99-2 Tag for debian release 1.99-2
14 years ago debian-1.99-1 Tag for debian release 1.99-1
3 years ago master