3 days ago Kevin M. RosenbergRevert "Update package dependency from libwxgtk3.0... master
3 days ago Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate package dependency from libwxgtk3.0-dev to libwx...
2020-06-15 Kevin M. RosenbergVagrantfile improvments, bootstrap ctsim automake system
2020-06-15 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd Vagrantfile for building on VirtualBox
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergInterim developed on DDA for projecting through imagefiles
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergMake tests even if pwd outside test dir
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd tiny test
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd OpenMP parallelism
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergMove more autoconf scripts to scripts/. directory
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergTest script outputs in CSV
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergCleanup white space
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergUse setprecision for std::cout
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergOpenMP optimization
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd more tests
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd OpenMP for more backprojectors
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergInterim work on creating projections from an imagefile
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergExit on EOF
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergIncrement position counters - microoptimization
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergIgnore .git-commit-id
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergSelectable size of test parameters
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd upload.sh
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate debian package, start of test scripts debian-6.0.2-1
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergVersion 6.0.2 - new release v6.0.2
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergFix all remaining compiler warnings
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergTest binaries until /tmp directory
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergImprove testing script for openmp and single-threaded...
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergHave OpenMP and non-OpenMP use same source/detector...
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUse OpenMP for signal filtering
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate debian configure options
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergFinish build for 6.0.1
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergMerge changes from Debian Med packaging of 5.2.0-4
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUse OpenMP by default
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergEnable OpenMP by default
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergDebian packaging updates
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergPrepare debian package for use with wxgtk3.0
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd regression verification script
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUse OpenMP for scanner
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUse OpenMP for backprojection
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergUse -O4 optimization
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergFormat if history label output
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd OpenMP for phantom generation
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd openmp m4 script
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergElimate compiler warnings
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergCheck for OpenMP use, use AX_EXT flags better
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate autoconf scripts
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergKeep config.status during "make clean"
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergFix compiler warnings
2018-03-20 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate to wx3.0, add SSE optimizations based on target_...
2015-08-29 Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate domain name to kpe.io
2012-12-21 Kevin M. RosenbergFix spelling mistake
2012-12-21 Kevin M. Rosenbergdebian/control: Change Build-Depends to libpng-dev...
2010-11-08 Kevin RosenbergUpdate server directory
2010-11-08 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for debian release 5.2.0-1 debian-5.2.0-1
2010-11-08 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.2.0: Add text ifexport option v5.2.0
2010-05-26 Kevin RosenbergFix test syntax errors in configure.ac debian-5.1.4-1 v5.1.4
2010-01-01 Kevin Rosenbergupdate library dependency debian-5.1.3-3
2009-11-17 Kevin Rosenbergmove simulate.html to doc packages in examples directory debian-5.1.3-2
2009-08-23 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.1.3 debian-5.1.3-1 v5.1.3
2009-08-22 Kevin RosenbergFix remaining non-unicode strings for wxwidgets
2009-08-22 Kevin RosenbergFix file header descriptions
2009-08-21 Kevin RosenbergConditionalize debug tracing debian-5.1.2-1 v5.1.2
2009-08-20 Kevin Rosenbergremove duplicate man file from Makefile.am debian-5.1.1-1 v5.1.1
2009-08-20 Kevin Rosenbergremove non-useful comments from rules file
2009-08-20 Kevin RosenbergImprove wxFont usage
2009-08-13 Kevin Rosenbergadd vcs-browser field debian-5.1.0-2
2009-08-12 Kevin RosenbergVersion bump as all known wxWidgets 2.8 bugs have been... debian-5.1.0-1 v5.1.0
2009-08-12 Kevin RosenbergVersion 5.0.6 Release debian-5.0.6-1 v5.0.6
2009-08-12 Kevin Rosenbergwx2.8 compatibility changes
2009-08-12 Kevin RosenbergFix extension for 3d graph
2009-08-09 Kevin RosenbergFix plot initialization, improve frame titles
2009-08-07 Kevin RosenbergSwitch from native command-line processing to wxCmdLine...
2009-08-05 Kevin RosenbergFix few more c-string to unicode strings
2009-08-05 Kevin RosenbergUpdate copyright date; remove old CVS keyword
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergFix axis_scale when min==max
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergFix axis_scale when min==max
2009-08-03 Kevin Rosenbergfix compilation warnings
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 5.0.5 debian-5.0.5-1 v5.0.5
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergFix log window display of some strings
2009-08-03 Kevin RosenbergFix size of log textCtrl at startup
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 5.0.4 debian-5.0.4-1 v5.0.4
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergchange file permissions
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergnote change in changelog debian-5.0.3-1 v5.0.3
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergUse full repaint when resizing phantom, plot, 3dviews
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 5.0.3
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergmove autoconf generated files back into repository
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergremove useless touch command debian-5.0.2-2
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergremove use of autoreconf from rules
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergadd autoconf to build dependencies for autoreconf
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenberglintian warning fixes debian-5.0.2-1 v5.0.2
2009-08-02 Kevin Rosenbergminor changes to package descriptions
2009-08-02 Kevin RosenbergNow compiles with wxMac
2009-08-01 Kevin RosenbergFix issue with wxChar on build with non-unicode wxWidgets
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergremove old wxMac workaround
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergfix wxString compilation problem with non-unicode build
2009-08-01 Kevin RosenbergRemove file created by autoreconf
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergupdate automake adjunct file
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergremove old diff file
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergensure config.status is available before calling make... debian-5.0.0-1
2009-08-01 Kevin Rosenbergfixed another leftover from libgtk1.2-dev v5.0.0
2009-08-01 Kevin RosenbergAdd more files to gitignore, recover Makefile.am