descriptionComputed Tomography simulator and reconstructor
ownerKevin Rosenberg
last changeWed, 7 Apr 2021 18:41:20 +0000 (18:41 +0000)
3 days ago Kevin M. RosenbergRevert "Update package dependency from libwxgtk3.0... master
3 days ago Kevin M. RosenbergUpdate package dependency from libwxgtk3.0-dev to libwx...
2020-06-15 Kevin M. RosenbergVagrantfile improvments, bootstrap ctsim automake system
2020-06-15 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd Vagrantfile for building on VirtualBox
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergInterim developed on DDA for projecting through imagefiles
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergMake tests even if pwd outside test dir
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd tiny test
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd OpenMP parallelism
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergMove more autoconf scripts to scripts/. directory
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergTest script outputs in CSV
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergCleanup white space
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergUse setprecision for std::cout
2018-03-22 Kevin M. RosenbergOpenMP optimization
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd more tests
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergAdd OpenMP for more backprojectors
2018-03-21 Kevin M. RosenbergInterim work on creating projections from an imagefile
3 years ago debian-6.0.2-1 Tag for debian release 6.0.2-1
3 years ago v6.0.2 Tag for upstream version 6.0.2
10 years ago debian-5.2.0-1 Tag for debian release 5.2.0-1
10 years ago v5.2.0 Tag for upstream version 5.2.0
10 years ago debian-5.1.4-1 Tag for debian release 5.1.4-1
10 years ago v5.1.4 Tag for upstream version 5.1.4
11 years ago debian-5.1.3-3 Tag for debian release 5.1.3-3
11 years ago debian-5.1.3-2 Tag for debian release 5.1.3-2
11 years ago debian-5.1.3-1 Tag for debian release 5.1.3-1
11 years ago v5.1.3 Tag for upstream version 5.1.3
11 years ago debian-5.1.2-1 Tag for debian release 5.1.2-1
11 years ago v5.1.2 Tag for upstream version 5.1.2
11 years ago debian-5.1.1-1 Tag for debian release 5.1.1-1
11 years ago v5.1.1 Tag for upstream version 5.1.1
11 years ago debian-5.1.0-2 Tag for debian release 5.1.0-2
11 years ago debian-5.1.0-1 Tag for debian release 5.1.0-1
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11 years ago wx2.4